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On a Freighter Even the Routine is Extraordinary
And the Destinations are Some of the Most Exotic in the World

Freighter and Specialty Cruises

Choose a voyage on a passenger freighter from the menu's top section, and review details before inquiring. We also highly recommend the second section to familiarize yourself with reservation procedures and what to expect before and during the voyage. Then please inquire from the Contact Page rather than phone. In consultation with the steamship line/s, we'll offer you the best option/s available.

Freighter Travel Club Int'l

Join us and take advantage of the knowledgeable advice that comes from our vast experience. Find the freighter and voyage that's right for you and, for each qualified booking, you'll get an automatic discount of up to $800. Please see Special Discounts.

You'll also receive our online publication, Seaworthy News, featuring passenger firsthand stories and news, issued periodically as it happens. It's a well-illustrated e-newsletter, often being the only one available anywhere for many of these voyages.

Subscriptions are discontinued permanently

Due to Covid,
The CMA CGM have decided to permanently cease passenger services on their cargo ships. Without the French Line, the only large pre-Covid provider, our activity will remain based on Specialty Cruises only, such as the ARANUI and Bella Desgagnés

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