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On a Freighter Even the Routine is Extraordinary
And the Destinations are Some of the Most Exotic in the World
Before You Sail

Essential Travel Information & Services
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Allianz Travel Insurance
Global Rescue Insurance
Travelex Insurance

International Health and Accident Insurance (Medical) is required on all freighter voyages. While Cancellation and Interruption Insurance is recommended; it protects your investment from the moment you buy the policy, at the same price, and if you take it within certain number of days of your initial deposit pre-existing conditions may be waived. You may find various options on the market - companies listed above are for your guidance.

ETA for Australia (Save confirmation in passport)
Visa for Brazil
Visa for China, from US, Canada
Visa for Russia
Visa for Mexico (use Land option, save confirmation in passport)
ETA for Sri Lanka
Visa for Vietnam
US State Dept. Info. on Visa and Destinations

Health and Vaccination Information
International Cell Phone OneSimCard
Satellite Phone/Internet: Global Marine | Roadpost | Allroadsat
MasterCard ATM Locator
Find your ship's position
Sea Distances, Port to Port
Local Times, Weather, Astronomy
Shipping Your Personal Belongings
Pet Movers
A Checklist For Your Freighter Voyage